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Superior Cantina Mexican Restaurant Glens Falls, NY.

Co-owners Chris Caplis and Gary Patton are not only first-cousins but good friends. Chris and Gary have envisioned going into business together for years. Once Gary moved to Glens Falls and quizzed residents about a possible Tex-Mex restaurant the response was overwhelmingly positive.

That is when the possibility of starting Superior Cantina became a reality and Chris and Gary made the final decision to open the Superior Cantina Mexican Restaurant in Glens Falls, NY.

Bringing the delicious flavors and atmosphere Chris and Gary grew up with in Shreveport, LA to beautiful Glens Falls, NY was the driving force behind Superior Cantina. With our fantastic recipes, Superior offers a unique dining experience along with the freshest food and best margaritas in town. This is – and will always be – the motivation behind Superior Cantina…Fabulous Mexican food, a fun atmosphere with second-to-none service.

Glens Falls is a wonderful place to live and do business. Chris and Gary thank you for dining with us and will strive to provide you the best dining experience in Glens Falls.  As word spreads of Superior Cantina’s delicious food, fantastic margaritas and excellent service, we hope you will grow accustomed to saying, “Meet me at Superior!”

Chris Caplis

Chris Caplis


Chris Caplis is a founding partner in Superior Cantina. Chris is from Shreveport, LA. He and his family live in Denver, CO where Chris is VP at a small energy company.

Chris brings a drive and vision that compliment Gary’s work ethic and outgoing personality, the result is Superior Cantina. Superior Cantina provided Chris the opportunity to work with Gary on a common love – good food with good service.

With deep Louisiana roots, one is sure to occasionally hear, Who Dat! Or Geaux Tigahs! throughout the restaurant. Enjoy!

Gary Patton

Gary Patton

Owner, General Manager

Gary Patton is a founding partner and General Manager of Superior Cantina. He is a native of Shreveport, LA and moved with his wife Lisa and their two children to Glens Falls in the fall of 2012.

Lisa was born in Glens Falls and has family in the area. During their trips back to Glens Falls over the last few years visiting they fell in love with the area and decided to raise their family in the North Country.

With a background in the restaurant business Gary felt that if he could bring some of the great food he grew up loving to the Glens Falls area that the local community would love it too.

That’s the motivation behind Superior Cantina – great food, great service and a fun atmosphere!